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Garisure Industrial Co., Ltd. …

Garisure Industrial Co., Ltd. is currently one of the leading suppliers and trusted brands of professional automotive tools and equipment. The business goal is to provide one-stop shop for total automotive tools and equipment solutions, Placing a strong emphasis on quality control as well as excellent after-sales service.

Garisure has unquestionably gained international recognition as a
quality supplier of automotive tools and equipment and aims at making itself a leader in the worldwide automotive tools market while experiencing rapid growth.

Garisure always upgrading its product line is one of the ways in building up it’s name and image. Highly motivated with the intention to render total customer satisfaction. Holds a certain advantage over other rival firms in the related industry. These qualities have in turn bolstered rapid sales growths over the years. Through well-equipped with advanced production facilities and backed by a rigid management policy.

• Practicability and Versatility.
• Reliability and Durability.
• Competitive Prices and Matual benefits.
• Production efficiency and on-time delivery.
• Strict quality control before shipment.
• Meet international standards and demands.

Garisure believes that only by recruiting and imposing rigorous staff
training will they attain the highest possible quality standards. With sophisticated hardware and skilled human resources in place. Looking forward to exploiting new market opportunities and conducting business with customers from any part of the world.


Industrial Working Glasses, Industrial Safety Belt, Nylon-Filament Rope Lanyards With 2 Snap Hooks, Parchute Type Safety Harness, Safety, Goggle, Mask, Welding, Hardware, Tools, Assortment, Safety Glass, Safety Belt, Copper Washers, Cotter Pins, Circlips, Grease Nipples, Fuses, O-rings, Hardware and Tools, Auto Hardware & Rubber Parts, Automotive Repair Tools, Oil Filter Wrench, Plier, Air Tools, Workshoip Assortment, Wrench, BENZ & BMW Tools, Digital Battery Load Tester, Charging System Analyzer, Charging Hose, Shut-Off Valve, Control Valve, Air Condition Charging Adapter Repair Kits, Charging Adapters, Gaskets & Depressors, Valve Core Service Tools, Retrofit Adapters, Flushing System & Oil Injectors, Seal Service Sets, Compressor Clutch Tools, Thread Chasers, Air Condition Tools, Brake Caliper Tool Kit, Rear Hubcap Nut Socket, Brake Bleeder Kit, Door Upholstery Remover, Multi-Function Suction Cups, Body Wedge Tools, Chassis & Undercar System Repair Tools, Transmission System Repair Tools, Engine System Repair Tools, Brake System Repair Tools, Body & Window System Repair Tools


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